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The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) places high school students in Department of Navy (DoN) laboratories where they take part in real Naval research for eight weeks during the summer.

SEAP gives academically talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in STEM the opportunity to learn about Naval research and technology while receiving first-class mentoring by top scientists and engineers.

SEAP is a competitive program with around 300 placements in more than 30 laboratories around the country in which many participants go on to careers within the DoN. Interns are selected based upon academic achievement, personal statements, recommendations, and career and research interests.

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Student interns complete Science and Engineering Apprentice Program at NUWC Division Keyport

The SEAP was an exciting opportunity to share Keyport’s technical opportunities to local Kitsap students interested in STEM careers and provide guidance for their future pursuits in higher education. This experience helped shape what I want to do in the future,

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