Intermediate Computer Science Program

Stevens Institute of Technology

CodingComputer EngineeringComputer Science

Hoboken, NJ


Jul 16 - Jul 28




If you are not new to computer science and are looking to expand upon pre-existing knowledge to better prepare you for college-level courses, look no further. This 2-week program and fresh series is jam-packed with accelerated modules such as algorithms, programming language design, scientific computing and much more to put you ahead of your peers.

A background in AP Computer Science or similar course work is required.

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My son said it was easy to make friends with the counselors, other students and it was a great way to get a feel for the campus, classes, Hoboken and the surrounding area. He really liked the intros to all of the different engineering disciplines and he also gained a lot of insight into their Business and Management programs (QF especially) which he hadn’t really considered prior to this program. The Babbio Center is exceptional …and the views are out of this world! (My son said that view is a HUGE incentive for students if their goal is to one day earn a lot of money in a satisfying career in NYC!) He walked away with a solid understanding of expectations and what it takes to succeed at Stevens.

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