Bass Workshop

Berklee School of Music


Boston, MA


Jun 23 - Jun 25




Each summer, Berklee welcomes students across the globe to its campus in the heart of Boston. More than 3,000 students travel from over 70 countries to hone their craft, make global connections, and collaborate with other like-minded musicians, actors, and dancers.

Our faculty are Grammy-, Oscar-, and Tony-winning artists who are dedicated to helping you learn how to succeed in today’s performing arts and entertainment industries. In addition to our world-renowned undergraduate faculty, Berklee summer program participants learn from acclaimed visiting artists. Recent guests include Jacob Collier, Charlie Puth, Esperanza Spalding, and Ebony Williams.

The Berklee Bass Department and Victor Wooten are offering an opportunity to broaden musical knowledge and skills. This event will cover a variety of musical styles and aim to enhance overall musicianship, as well as provide new techniques for performance and a deeper understanding of different music genres.

Every participant's schedule will include a class in each of the following:

  • Master classes: Attend small-group, lesson-format master classes led by faculty focusing on different practice, technique, and performance methods.
  • Clinics: Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, and special guests will present clinics on ear training, theory, and general musicianship.
  • Ensembles: Expand your rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic skills in small ensembles each day.
  • Faculty concerts: Explore new styles as you take in the performances by our renowned Bass Department faculty. Friday evening's concert will feature all of the Bass faculty, and Saturday evening's concert will feature Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten.
  • Jam sessions: Play with other students and faculty members in various styles through this informal performance opportunity.
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