Program in Algorithmic and Combinational Thinking (PACT)

Program in Algorithmic and Combinational Thinking (PACT)





Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial Thinking (PACT) is learning opportunity is Theoretical Computer Science taught by Professor Ghandi. The purpose of this program is to learn more about mathematics and computer science.

During the summer, high school students study topics in discrete mathematics such as systematic counting and methods of proof the go on to studying algorithms if time permits. Additionally guest lecturers expose the group to other fields of computer science including computational geometry, cryptography, the probabilistic method, and planar graph coloring.

While 2022 was fully remote, this program is housed at Princeton University during the summer months of June and July. (Please note, Princeton University is not afilliated with this program in any capacity.) There are expectations to return fully in-person for the summer of 2023 and applications will open in the Winter of 2022.

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It was an intensive proof based program that focused on the mathematics and algorithms relating to computer science...Participants varied from kids who are just very strong in Math to a 10 year old Math prodigy who kept pace with the really have to love solving mathematical proofs because after morning lectures that is basically what you will be doing for the rest of the day for 4 weeks. They do put the students in clusters for the problem solving sessions, and on a whole the participants in the program were a really interesting group.

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