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Jul 5 - Jul 28




Diversity is essential in addressing today’s health disparities--from the students who train to become tomorrow’s scientists and physicians, to the patients who will benefit from their research and care. The Michigan Health Sciences Pre-college Exposure Academy (SPEA) is a free, hybrid program conducted 5 days per week:
-Virtual Monday-Thursday: SAT prep course and interactive workshops

  • In Person Fridays: On-campus activities
    The first step in planning for the future is making sure you are ready for the challenges that lay ahead. SPEA is an entry-level, hybrid academic enrichment program that brings together highly-motivated high school students to gain exposure to healthcare professions. SPEA is typically designed for participants who come from medically underserved areas and/or populations underrepresented in medicine, and who have an interest in addressing health equity issues. Our goal is to transform medicine through the development of students who want to become future leaders in health science careers. The SPEA program curriculum is aligned with the AAMC Core Competencies that are fundamental to preparing students to be future healthcare professionals.
    As a MHSPEA participant, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Enroll in an SAT Prep Course (you will have access to online SAT materials for up to one year)
  • Acquire and strengthen your professional development and leadership skills
  • Engage in interactive professional writing workshops with a 1:1 writing coach
  • Gain exposure to the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine
  • Receive mentorship from students, staff, and faculty
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A good program

The Youth Summit at the Big House is an excellent opportunity to introduce budding middle school students to the vast opportunities in health care. Not only will they have an opportunity to visit the Big House, but we are offering collegiate-level exposure to the career fields within health care that are often unseen in mainstream career planning — especially for youth who are traditionally underrepresented in medicine.

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