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iD Tech has been in operation for 23 years and has a history of delivering positive results for students. Our programs cater to students of all ages, ranging from 7 to 19 years old, and are designed to take them from being a complete beginner to being prepared for college. We provide access to experienced instructors and relevant resources to support students' long-term success. Tuition for both online and on-campus programs includes these features.

Coding skills are among the most in-demand in today’s job market—get your real-world experience with this introduction to computational thinking. Start with the basics, and then expand your knowledge by building object oriented architectures, creating algorithms, and completing coding challenges in Python, the fastest-growing programming language! With popular libraries like PyGame, MatPlotLib, and Numpy, you’ll build logic games, solve artificial intelligence puzzles, and even explore creating a simple neural network. With all of this experience, you’ll be prepared for wherever your computer science career takes you, from software engineering to machine learning!

Topics Covered
Code with Python to design algorithms
Learn about basic neural networks
Prepare for more advanced machine learning content
Gain computational thinking skills

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