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The Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) is a New York State grant-funded program that was designed to prepare historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students to enter college and increase participation in math, science, technology, health-related fields, and licensed professions. Union College has been awarded the STEP grant since 1994 to partner with local schools and provide high-quality STEM instruction to students enrolled in the program.

All STEP services and resources are offered at no cost to participants. For more information please email =>

Program Highlights

  • Academic Tutoring and Mentoring
  • SAT/ ACT Prep
  • STEM and Healthcare Profession Workshops
  • Field Trips and College Visits
  • Research Opportunities
  • Summer Programming
  • Assists students with the college application process

Summer STEP offers students a learning opportunity through classroom instruction, hands on activities, educational field trips, and mentoring by Union College students. Students will also attend workshops presented by Union College faculty and local professionals on a variety of STEM topics. This is a day program experience and will run during weekdays.

Summer STEP Dates:
Students Entering Grades 10-12, TBD
Students Entering Grades 7-9, TBD
Dates are usually in July/August

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Second nature: Maeve Daby ’23 hopes to introduce younger students to wilderness recreation

“I want the students to learn about self-reliance, resilience, self-expression and the beauty of solitude,” Daby said. “More importantly, I want to provide them with an outlet for expression and activity that is unchanging. I saw how the pandemic has negatively affected kids. They have had to adapt to so many changes and uncertainties that I think a constant source of fun and adventure would really benefit them.”

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A Very Local Snapshot of K–12 CS Education

My overall goal is to try to get the kids to think about problems that are not obviously numeric in nature. This allows us to talk about the dual challenge of figuring out a solution to the problem and then figuring out how to get the "data" into the computer. Of course, I want things to be fun too! I have two aids I typically use: SET (a visual perception card game) and 3D Squares matching puzzles (unfortunately, no longer available for purchase). These lead us to talk about how a human might solve a problem versus what we would have to tell the computer to do.

A Hands-on Workshop for STEP Students Integrating Classical Studies with 3D-Printing Technology

Working with a set of 3D-printed facsimiles of ancient Greek ceramic vessels, students determine how the vessels were used in antiquity and how 3D-printed facsimiles add a new dimension to our understanding of ancient artifacts. They learn the ancient Greek terms associated with the various vessel shapes and the sociocultural contexts of the creation and use of these objects in ancient daily life.

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