Chemical Toxicology

Duke Pre-College Program


Durham, NC


Jun 20 - Jun 30




The Duke Pre-College Program provides advanced academic opportunities and an introduction to the college experience to students currently in grades 6 - 11. Our courses are created to give students access to cutting-edge curriculum and technology beyond the average classroom while connecting them with transcendent peers from around the world and influential professionals in their future field. In addition to accessing university facilities and labs, our students interact and learn from renowned faculty and researchers. Participants gain valuable experiences that prepare them for not only their college curriculum and careers that follow, but also to become empowered, influential leaders.

Learn and understand through molecular modeling how the shape and structure of a molecule affects its biological activity.

Areas studied and discussed include:

Biotransformation of xenobiotics
Risk assessment
Methods of analysis
Metal toxicology (including cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury)
In the laboratory, use equipment including chemical fume hoods, analytical and top-loading balances, and pH meters. Learn techniques including preparing solutions of a specific concentration, vacuum filtration, titration and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

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