Autism and Related Disorders

Yale Summer Session



Jul 3 - Aug 4




Online Course. Survey of current understandings and treatment of autism from infancy through adulthood. Topics include etiology, diagnosis and assessment, treatment and advocacy, and social neuroscience methods. Focus on ways in which research findings are integrated into diagnosis and treatment practices. For college students and beyond. Enrollment limited to 20 students.

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The Best Summer Programs for High School Students

Pre-college summer programs are frequently very expensive. For example, Yale’s Young Global Scholars program typically charges $6,500 for two weeks. The selectivity, prestige, and academic rigor of programs can vary quite a bit and don’t always correspond to the academic reputation of the host college. We’ll discuss this more shortly. Contrary to many parents’ optimistic beliefs, with the exception of the most prestigious programs, attending a pre-college summer program probably won’t directly help your child get into college. Don’t spend money just because you want your child to be able to drop “Yale” or “Stanford” in a college app. We’ll go into more detail on this, including some exceptions, a little later.

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