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For high school students in grades 9-12 (ages 14-18), Summer Discovery's Pre-College Enrichment Programs are the perfect mix of pre-college academics and fun activities. You will gain independence, deepen friendships both old and new, and explore your interests through diverse course offerings. The depth and breadth of our program options are unparalleled.

During your class time, you'll be taught by experienced university instructors who know that lectures are old school. Through hands-on experiences, you'll develop 21st century skills like teamwork and communication and won't be watching time tick by. Outside of class, our highly trained staff will help you to explore new cities, lead you on excursions, and plan activities to maximize that summer fun.

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What Is Summer Institute for the Gifted? Should You Join?

You can definitely get a challenging academic summer experience by doing SIG. Many former participants say good things about the experience on online forums and blogs. In particular, many participants say it can be rewarding for students to meet other academically gifted students and make friends from different parts of the country. That said, your time is very scheduled and the program is expensive, so you might want to consider other opportunities closer to home if you want more flexibility. You certainly won't be penalized in the college admissions process for not doing a program like SIG. Especially if you live in a district where you have access to challenging classes or a gifted program, the benefits might not be that substantial.

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Summer Discovery & Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)

Summer Discovery has more than 55 years in the summer experience industry and has provided superior pre-college programs for 40+ years. Today, they’re the leading pre-college experience provider for middle and high school students from around the world! In partnership with prestigious universities across the US and the UK, they deliver transformative on-campus academic and extra-curricular opportunities as well as online learning options.

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