STEM for Rising 9th and 10th Graders

Brown University


Providence, RI


Jul 16 - Jul 28




If your idea of summer fun is a deep-dive into the STEM fields, this is the program for you. Join other rising 9th and 10th graders who are as passionate about advancing their knowledge of the STEM disciplines as you are for two weeks of hands-on team research projects, experiments and design-build challenges.

You'll choose from a range of interesting and engaging courses in the STEM disciplines. Each course combines rigorous academic content, laboratory or field exercises, and a research project or design challenge that serves as a focus for academic work. You may also have the opportunity to engage with Brown graduate students and learn about graduate-level research projects. To complete the STEM experience, you’ll give a final presentation that showcases your project for your peers and instructors.

You will experience the satisfaction of advanced academics and indulge your love of learning, without the pressure of formal grades.


  • STEM students gain valuable skills as they learn to navigate life in a college setting, including time management, personal maturity, independence and academic integrity. These experiences, both in and out of the classroom, will help students be more successful in their future academic pursuits.
  • STEM students are supported by a team of carefully selected Resident Assistants (RAs), Area Coordinators and professional staff members. The Brown Pre-College Student Life team oversees the safety of all students while the program is in session. RAs live in the residence hall with students. Built into a framework of support and mentorship, RAs lead floor meetings nightly during the two-week program and facilitate ongoing community-building experiences. They also supervise students during evening and weekend "fundatory” (mandatory fun) activities.
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What people are saying

How are the high school pre-college programs at Brown?

Save your money. The program is good, you get cool academic experiences and meet nice and thoughtful rich people at an overpriced summer camp. It will look nice on a college application, but it won't blow anybody away. Everybody I know who's been involved with the program has really enjoyed it, so don't get me wrong, and working directly with professors (if your program does that) is a super valuable experience but I bet you could find programs from institutions that focus on that thing with less of a big fancy brand name that are as good and cheaper.

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How was your experience at the Summer@Brown program?

If you are going there to learn or to have fun and meet people, you should be able to achieve both. There was a lot of free time in the schedule after accounting for coursework, but there were many student organized activities to keep me occupied. Even though I focused on the course materials, there was a lot of free time. I was able to work on a C++ game and learn frisbee during my stay...Food is okay, but there are also lots of restaraunts for food options and general stores provide anything you really need. I strongly recommend adhering to the rules about not using alcohol or drugs; last year 25 students were sent home the day before the program ended.

summer programs at Brown

Niece attended this past summer & HATED it -- she left before the program was completed...IMO - The problem was she expected a 24 hour planned program with activities & socializing. She had one class that met late in the day -- most others had classes that met in morning/early afternoon. This left her alone most of the time. Her class overlapped the time when most hall mates were socializing...None of this has to do with the quality of the class.

What is summer at Brown like? Is it a summer program that just wastes our time?

Both my kids did Summer@Brown and enjoyed themselves. One did “So You Think You Want to Be a Doctor” and the other one a course on international finance. The courses are meant to introduce high school students to topics that are studied at the college level, but aren’t typically available at the high school level - topics like archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, neuroscience, etc...It’s a nice way to investigate a subject ahead of time, especially if you are the kind of students who has lots and lots of interests and needs to focus...It’s also nice if you are really interested in applying to Brown. You get an insider’s view of dorms, food, etc. Nice to know before wasting an E.D. application.

Brown precollege?

This was definitely one of the best and worst parts of my experience. The good: Unless you're a total shut in, you will make friends. I am really, really shy so the idea of meeting and living with a roommate was daunting but we bonded immediately. We ate together and studied together and I still SC a couple still today. People on your floor will most likely be your friends, and they are SO diverse and unique.

summer programs at Brown

My son attended 2 summers@Brown and loved Brown and Providence. It gave him an idea of what it would be like to live in Providence. He now attends Brown. The summer program is definitely not a summer camp, requiring you to bop from one activity to another. Its up to the students to make the most of their time there. There is homework to be done. My son's classes required reading, doing research, writing papers, and doing presentations. But it certainly wasn't all fun and no play. Brown offered numerous social events every week, including trips, seminars, movies, college fairs, and ice cream socials.

Those of you who have participated in Summer@Brown or have been an RA, is it worth it?

I took the Summer@Brown engineering course when I was in HS. It was a fun class that covers the different kinds of engineering and what you would do as a career for each kind. Then we got to think of a problem and design and build a prototype solution to that problem. For me, Summer@Brown was very fun and very worth it. It’s what made Brown my #1 school when applying and why I chose to go there when I got in. You get a great sneak preview of what the environment and culture is like at Brown (a lot more in depth than if you just took a tour), and I think going to Summer@Brown will do a lot in the way of letting you know if Brown is the school for you

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