Computer Science Program

Boston University High School Summer Program


Boston, MA


May 23 - Jun 29




Boston University is open to all during the summer. Each year, more than 7,500 motivated students from the United States and around the world take the opportunity to attend Summer Term.

Simply register for the courses you wish to take—no application required!

Why study at BU in the summer?because:
Choose from 700+ courses in a wide selection of subjects from 12 of BU’s schools and colleges.
Benefit from convenient six-week sessions and offerings on campus and online.
Fulfill your Hub units—BU summer courses count for Hub requirements the same as in the school year.
Catch up on credits, complete a prerequisite, or finish a degree requirement.
Focus on one or two courses in an intensive academic environment.
Build up your subject-matter expertise or explore a new subject for your own enrichment.
Hone your professional skillset with a course focusing on analytics, business, communication, information. technology, project management, or writing.
Enjoy smaller class sizes—or study with a BU professor you’ve heard about.
Connect with a global community of students and professionals.
Experience Boston at its best: in the summer!

Prereq: basic knowledge of a programming language such as Python is expected. The first in a three-course sequence (with CDS DS 121 and CDS DS 122) that introduces students to theoretical foundations of data science. Introduction to key concepts from calculus (differentiation and integration), probability (discrete and continuous random variables) and linear algebra (vector spaces, matrices, and linear systems). The course links mathematics and computational thinking through problem sets requiring students to answer mathematically-posed questions using computation. Students must register for two sections: lecture and discussion.

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