Biology of the Brain

Washington University in St. Louis Pre-College Programs


St. Louis, MI


Jun 11 - Jul 15




This course is for students who wish to learn about the biology of the nervous system, and the scientific process of understanding how it works. Biology of the Brain will include lecture, discussion, and analysis of cutting edge research, so active participation will be important. We will discuss the gross anatomy and cellular composition of the brain. We will analyze how the brain develops, changes with experience to create memories, and recovers from injury. Along the way, we will discuss nervous system dysfunction a range of contexts such as Addiction, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

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My daughter had a good experience

This past summer, she attended Wash U’s Pre-Medical Institute. It is a 3 week, non-credit program, and she studied within the biology realm. What a fantastic program. She was doing her own research for a presentation assignment and she also had a group project on pharmacogenetics. She worked hard on her academics! They also offered optional college readiness seminars that were helpful. She wentered to all of those! They took the students into St. Louis for planned activities, and she had her own social time to get to the Delmar Loop with several new friends from different parts of the U.S. The whole thing was very empowering.

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